Journey To Slovenia 2012

Bohinjka Bela (Sava Bohinjka)



Back under the Rock, ready for new adventures.

So many jewels yet to be discovered...


Like the famed Bled Castle ...

... or the wonders offered by Slovenian nature during springtime.


Lilly, first experiences flyfishing in waders.

Olivier Von Georg, facing the raging waters.


Jean-Pierre De Raedt, "lightweight".

Michel Criel, ready for the battle.


François Mathy, praying to the river.
Or letting escape his last trophee fish. You decide :-)

Gregor Ferretti, as much talented behind a microphone as dedicated in his search for his first "temollo" (grayling).


Emil Pintar, our host and guide, in full demonstration.

Bernard Demarteau, photographed by the poor Norwegian flyfisherman he just scared to death by racing out of the bush in pursuit of this lovely rainbow.


François fighting the first trout of our wonderfull Slovenian trip.

The Sava Bohinjka demonstrates so many faces,
all of them gorgeous for the eyes and for the fishing.


When water gets lost with earth, or the inverse.

Emil caring for his fishermen, his mayflies and above all... his hucho (Danube salmon).


Into the Canyon.

Picturesque trout lies.


Sightfishing the fish.

Fly seen, fish seen and hooked:-)


Wild and fierce beauties.

Ecdyonurus Torrentis mating dances and the visit of a Tricho (Caddis).


Evening colors on the Sava Bohinjka, when all the fish in the river dress up for late dinner, barely covered by water, ready for picking Spents et emerging Caddis.

After every evening rise, a glass of Slovenian T-punch (secret recipe not for the faint hearted) and we're ready to get crazy. Barbecue time and let's party !
 Memorable evenings !


A typical Sava pool, very quiet during the day but teaming with rising fish as the light vanishes into the night.


François, Benichou, Von Georg, Lilly, Gregor et Anna in Bohinjka Bela !
La vita e bella !


Sightfishing and carefully releasing these beauties into Sava's gin clear waters, a never-ending dream .

"Oooooh Madonna, grande, grande temollo, Bernard, look look, il mio primo grande temollo !!!"


Gregor Ferretti and the 500 dollars picture ;-)

Moments of intense happiness for a delighted fisherman.


This grayling learned 700 Italian words in 5 minutes.

François, focused on a grayling school.


Emil flyfishing with us, an honour for us and a pleasure for everyone.

François on the splendid pool in zone 5.


This is real flyfishing. Nothing comparable to the boring techniques used by the competitors of the WC.

Gentle predator's attitude.


The countryside around Selo is romantic and peacefull.

"Have you seen Emil, we found the grass house"


The swinging bridge. A few minutes later we almost had to save from the water, 15m down, a VTTist who dared riding on the bridge. Bad idea !

The golden jewels from the Soca.


Emerald waters, milky sandy ground, countless trout lies.





Hybrid Marmorata from the Soca (gift for Daniele)


"She dived under the rock, would you jump ? "  "Please don't start like Von G !"

The big one has taken the Stone Fly.


A terrible battle has started.


François on the Lepena's Marmorata.








     Vintgar's Gorges.


A piece of paradise, even accessible for fishing.

Gourmet dinner "à la Batist".


Goodbye Bled, see you soon.