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How To Contact Us?

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Internet offers a great number of possibility to create contacts. If you wish to join us directly, here is the most direct means: E - Mail

The President:
Xavier "Petit Douillet" Brahy

The Secretary
"Peccary" Huart
Rue Saint Nicolas, 18
5580 Eprave
+32 84 37 70 29

The Delegate for Sports
Philippe Lambrette

Other members of the comitee:
Roger De Henau (Vice-President)
Jacques Legrand
Albert Bernard (Vice-President)
Claude Dechamps

Luc "Lucky" Pierssens:
Katsuharu "Oooh Monster Fish" Kurihashi:
Jacques Vanden Broeck
Jean-Pierre Deraedt :
Olivier "Von George" Degeorge :
"Benichou" Demarteau :

The yahoo group adress is

You can also contact the whole planet by using the services "NEWS"

Flyfishing in English: :
Flytying in English:
Fishing and Hunting in French: fr.rec.peche-chasse